Dick Pix


Calvin is a photographer and self-proclaimed provocateur in desperate need of an idea for his next installation. Grace, his girlfriend and publicist, and Fyn, his best friend and art dealer, are turning up the heat as the deadline approaches. Meanwhile, two eponymous Art Handlers begin to complicate the situation when they become the target of Grace’s unwanted attention. Mrs. Marbleblatt, a widowed patron of the arts, further queers the equation when she takes a prurient interest in Calvin’s work. Ambitions and visions collide in a satirical comedy about identity, harassment, and narcissism in the age of social media.

directed by

Kate Abbruzzese headshot CROPPED    June Ballinger leather jacket   Dave182
KATE ABBRUZZESE*                         JUNE BALLINGER*                         DAVID GELLES* 
Erinn Holmes Headshot CROPPED      BruceJones CROPPED      Lynne Marie Rosenberg Headshot CROPPEDERINN HOLMES*                              BRUCE JONES                                LYNNE MARIE ROSENBERG*

stage manager

*These actors are appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association.AEA_Square_Logo_400x400